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We are one of the European Top 100 biggest SEM agencies


Search Engine Optimization means positioning techniques, aimed at the achievement of the highest positions in searching according to key phrases, which determine the activities and products proposed by the positioned service.

We guarantee a long-term growth of visits to the website, not affected by changes in the indexation algorithms introduced by browsers. The effects of our work will remain visible in a long-term, even after our cooperation is finished. Our positioning results in high positions for a very long list of key words and not only for the most popular ones. These are the characteristic features of the so-called Long Tail Strategy, which is, moreover, optimised by our author’s system SEOAPI.
We do not apply illegal spamming techniques, penalised with a possible cancellation of the service from the browser indices.

The positioning is the process, which we divide into two parts:

1. Service optimisation – key stage. If properly performed, it is the key to achieve effective and stable effects of the positioning.

Basing work elements:

          • Development of optimum key words and phrases,
          • Development of metatags: keywords, description, title for each group of sub-sites,
          • Optimisation of the HTML documents structure,
          • Semantic optimisation of the service,
          • Internal optimisation of linking in the services,
          • Correction of the material contents in the service,
          • Preparation of templates according to the SEO principles,
          • Permanent consulting.

2. Correct positioning of the service in the Internet – total activities aimed at the promotion (dissemination) of the service in the Internet and at pointing out its specific features.

Basing work elements:

          • Reporting (including) the service WWW websites to browsers,
          • Reporting (including) the home page and sub-sites of the website to catalogues,
          • Positioning of the unique (specific) articles type presell pages,
          • Building up link networks in the Internet,
          • ePR activities,
          • Implementation of the SEOAPI system,
          • Optimisation of key words from different points of view: movement, conversion,
          • Permanent supervision over the website.


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