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Cube Group S.A., the most expansive SEM company in Poland, is a pioneer in offering Search Retargeting service.

Search Retargeting means the capturing of the data of the visitor, who – using the results
of browsing, e.g. in Google – entered the website of our client but for any reasons, unknown to us, did not finalise any action on that site: he/she did not buy any goods or, for example, did not fill in an electronic questionnaire. Retargeting is, in a nutshell, locating (getting a fix on) a visitor, who already knows the client’s brand and emission of advertising encouraging him/her to come back to the target website and taking an action on it.
Search Retargeting means the identification of potential customers from among the persons interested in our client’s offer . Thanks to the Search Retargeting service we may revert to the internet user, get in touch with him/her and encourage him/her to buy or to provide us with his/her contact data.

Stages of Search Retargeting:

1. Cube Group SA prepares full plan of Search Retargeting campaign. It develops the action strategy, including a Pay Per Click campaign, as well as the plan and time schedule of its implementation. In effect the promoted company gets high-ranking websites in the browsers and high effect of conversion of visitors into active users of its website.

2. The visitors, initially (in general) interested in the products of our clients, enter the website of the promoted company and look for information about particular products. Thanks to the codes located on the website of the promoted company we know exactly what the visitor
is looking for. Unfortunately, more than 99 percent of users of a www website leave
it not making any action, which would satisfy the promoted company. If the user leaves the website and is not directed thereto again, his/her contact with the company, engagement and interest will be in vain.

3. Thanks to the retargeting technology and broad access range of Cube Group in the population of Polish Internet visitors (80 proc.), we immediately “drive back” the visitors
to the promoted company. The way of retargeting makes the performance of the visitor’s action intended by the promoted company on its website highly probable. The form (format) of the Internet advertising, as the tool used for reverting the visitor’s interest to that site, may draw his/her attention with its non-standard graphic form but it may also encourage to visit the site with the communiqué on loyalty and motivation systems.

4. If the visitor buys some goods/services, we may continue the retargeting action, informing him/her about the goods/services complementary to the purchased ones.


We change visitors of the promoted company’s website into its customers and then into its loyal customers!

The benefits resulting from the Search Retargeting are as follows (among others):

   • converting of hesitating customers into satisfied customers;
   • immediate and precise access to the customers with the promotion of goods complementary to  
     the purchased ones;
   • maximisation of Return On Investment;
   • high Conversion Rates;
   • increased movement on the website.

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