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We are one of the European Top 100 biggest SEM agencies


Sponsored links, the so-called advertising boxes, are displayed in the Internet browser by (beside) the natural (intended) browsing results.
The entering by the user (the visitor) of a phrase corresponding to the key words defined by a company into the browser automatically generates the appearance of the box. The key words should describe the promoted company’s offer as precisely (closely) as possible.


The browsers are one of the most effective marketing tools available in the Internet. Their operation guarantees an immediate linking of the message with the addressee of the advertising, interested in the offer. The promoted company does not need to undertake expensive actions aimed at the access to the user. The recipient-oriented tool forces the user’s (visitor’s) action.
It makes the person looking for an attractive offer a potential customer .

Cube Group SA uses the functionality of browsers to build up its customers’ competitive advantage. The proposed offer comprises effective marketing activities performed through, among others, Google, Yahoo, as well as local (national) browsers, like,,,

The campaigns prepared by us are of an individual character, tailored to the client’s needs. We constantly monitor our activities. We analyse their results. We constantly work for the best selection and adjusting of the promotional texts to the contents of our client’s website. We extend and adjust the list of effective key phrases on a current basis.

We act basing on specialised analytic tools. We implement key optimisation systems. We use technologically advanced solutions of our British business partners. We also base on our author’s projects.
We streamline the emission against costs and fees connected with the actions (sales, filling in forms, questionnaires).
Our campaigns are measurable and transparent for the promoted companies (our clients). They have full access to the accounts assessing the effectiveness of our actions. They may monitor the effects of work of our team on a current basis. The costs of campaigns are stable and real,
we do not build up our offers basing on the packages of clicks. We act
in a transparent way, aiming at our client’s satisfaction and high quality standards at minimum costs.

We guarantee:

  • Maximisation of the effectiveness of the invested budget
  • High positions in the browsers
  • Maximisation of the of the conversion and ROI
  • Transparency of our activities
  • Settlement systems adjusted to our client’s needs
  • No hidden fees

The effectiveness of the campaign means benefits to the company and its employees. Within our complex client’s service we also guarantee
an added value – possibility of free-of-charge participation in the training courses organised by us.
In our work we base on our many-years experience. Our team is formed
by specialists, for which professional performance is of an utmost value.
The skills of our employees are confirmed by their titles: Google Advertising Professional, Onet Box Expert, Adkontekst Certified Consultant.



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