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Xevin is a venture capital fund specialized in new media and technologies, Internet, and telecommunications.The offerings of Xevin Investments include investment and advisory services. The fund is interested both in companies and projects in the initial phase of development, unable to achieve further business goals due to insufficient capital, and in thriving companies in need of additional investment to achieve their milestones in the pursuit of competitive advantage.Our strategic advantage comes from knowledge and experience acquired during our 10 years’ work in the most dynamic Polish Internet companies.



IQ Partners S.A. focuses on investments in technological projects – in particular, concerning the Internet, telecommunication and e-commerce. It get involved in the projects for a period of up to 7 years. Besides the projects arriving from the outside, it also implements their own projects. The fund considers the latter a strategic advance of Company – since in this way avoid paying a bonus for the idea.
IQ Partners is most willing to invest in projects at an early stage of development. It expects to meet a strong, independent management team, which will be able to convince us that the investment is well justified. A team knowing the market, the product, and the competition. It contributes to their projects not only funds, but also their experience, competences and knowledge of finances and technology. The fund also look for synergies between the projects executed within the IQ Partners S.A. group.
IQ Partners helps already existing businesses which are at the expansion phase to raise capital, by investing their own funds, looking for a co-financing partner or acquiring the capital though a private or public issue.

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