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About us

Cube Group SA is one of the largest and most expansive companies in the field of Performance Marketing in Middle-Eastern Europe. The Company was found in 2006. In the same year we got a prestigious certificate of the Google Advertising Professional Company. At the beginning of 2007 we joined SEMPO – an international organisation of the companies active in marketing in browsers – and we achieved the status of Złoty Partner Onet (Onet Golden Partner). Since 2007 we have been the member of IAB Polska, where we jointly create a cell active in SEO and work out standards in this area in the Polish market. In 2008 we opened our offices in Lithuania and Latvia.

Our activity is based on the Search Engine Marketing. We specialise in integrated, individually tailored campaigns aimed at the achievement of specific, particular business targets of our customers. The unique technology applicable by Cube Group SA allows us to achieve optimum and most cost-effective campaign results. Our tools make possible the measuring of ROI in each Internet browser. We cooperate among others with Google,, Netsprint or Delfi.

Our Team Members – the persons possessing titles of Google Advertising Professional – are the best specialists in the field of PPC and SEO in Poland. The achievements and skills of our employees, much above the average in the branch, result from the constant improvement
of their qualifications and – first of all – from their many-years experience in servicing the biggest clients in Poland and abroad. The aggregate experience of Cube Group SA counts
in several thousands effected promotional campaigns, dozens millions of defined key phrases, analyses of hundreds millions clicks.

Our offer is complete with the activities in the field of Affiliate Management. As experts
in these activities we know very well that the conducting of a successful promotional online campaign means something more that a good affiliation network and software. Thanks to our relevant tools and knowledge we prepare campaigns, optimised as regards suppliers, creation and effects expected by the clients, as early as in the moment of their launching in the Internet.

Our latest service is Retargeting. We introduce it as pioneers in Poland. It consists in the increasing of the Internet users’ engagement in the process of the reception of promotional messages online. As far as we know, even as much as 99 percent of visitors to the clients’ websites do not make any desired actions. Thanks to the retargeting, Cube Group SA drives back the visitors to the websites of its clients. Our actions – as confirmed by frequent internal audits – are characterised with a high conversion rates.

Cube Group SA is a high level combination of knowledge, quality, technology and visions aimed at one target only – our clients’ success.

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